COVID-19 update

During these unprecedented times, we are taking the necessary steps to protect our clients and employees. Our team has been deployed remotely and are ready to offer our usual excellent technical support to our clients.

We have already enabled many clients to work remotely, thus ensuring that they can continue to do business during this time.

We have powerful resources that allow us to resolve 90% of your IT issues remotely, however, on rare occasions we are prepared to make emergency onsite calls. When making such onsite calls, our team will adhere to all CDC recommended practices to combat the spreading of COVID-19. These measures include such as wearing a face mask, sanitizing equipment, and maintaining social distance.

We are happy to be your IT solutions provider and as this situation evolves, we will make the necessary changes to offer the best support to you.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns at 305-824-1178 or email help@mrinternetsystems.com